Locking unit with actuator

Remote control with central locking system. For several years now we have delivered our locking systems with remote control to various customers within their vehicle development stage. For example, our double rotor locks can be obtained with contact switches, which maintain a locked capability in conjunction with the remote control. Furthermore, the system is designed with a mechanical emergency unlocking facility should there be a power failure. Our systems are suitable for central locking and can be supplied in 12 V or 24 V. Our standard remote control is delivered with a hand transmitter which has a transmitting range of approximately 20 meters. A much higher range can be guaranteed on a flat surface without distracting elements. Of course more functions (light signals etc.) can be adapted at full integration of our system within your vehicle electronics (BUS system).

From 2010 we can also supply a fully integrated immobilizer system by integrating a passive crypt transponder into the key and the supply of the reading unit and the immobilizer. With these additional features we go far beyond the safety possibilities of a purely mechanical locking system. You can look forward to: keyless entry & keyless go.