Standard pull handle 4583

Pull handles are the trend of the automobile industry (cars and trucks). The DLP handles are suitable for use in glass doors (with M28 thread insert) and metal doors (with M6 thread inserts).

The field of application of these exterior handles covers almost all vehicle areas of the off-highway industry.
The DLP pull handles are suitable for medium to heavy doors. A particularly interesting feature of these pull handles is that the opening of doors with high counter pressures easier than in the well-known push button handles, as the pulling direction corresponds to the opening direction and you can use the whole arm.
The opening speed by pulling with the whole arm is higher, so that the subjective impression when operating is that it is easier to open the door.

There are different models available:

  • Standard pull handle
  • Premium pull handle for use in metal doors
  • Premium pull handle for use in glass doors


  • Premium ZPremium pull handle with lighting and sensors