DLP accessories for intelligent locking systems

With DLP you can always access a wide range of accessories and spare parts. These include keys, brackets, deflectors and rubber pads for exterior fittings and locking bolts, plastic covers, deflectors, ergonomic interior releases for locks etc.

As part of our accessories, we also offer you the opportunity to use the DLP One Key System in all applications of your vehicles. For example, we supply filler caps with threaded or bayonet lock, which can be easily integrated into the One Key System.

But regardless of which of our modern key and cylinder systems you choose, with more than 1,000 key codes and an IP54 rating, they are the equivalent of the highest level of automotive safety systems. The cylinders can simply be clipped at the end of the assembly line. Your advantage as a DLP customer: a maximum of flexibility while reducing storage costs.

Accessories are all DLP products that cannot be directly assigned to the categories “locks” or “fittings”. Accessories for locks: Locking pins, strikers, deflectors, threaded plates, lock covers, connecting rods, remote controls.

Accessories for fittings: key + cylinder, deflections, pads, spacers, buttons, servomotors

Other accessories: filler caps, AdBlue caps, tank filter, threaded socket, handles, recessed grips.