Latches for doors, cabins, hoods, flaps and door holdbacks

DLP latches not only meet all common standards. In terms of longevity, they basically exceed what is expected of them. We are continually testing to ensure that we can more than meet your stability and durability requirements.

In the field of latches for doors, cabins, hoods, flaps and windows, we have a comprehensive selection of products for you. For a large part of the product portfolio, there are also numerous product variants, so that you can directly access many existing standard solutions for a wide variety of applications. If you need an individual solution, we develop and manufacture a product for you that exactly matches your requirements and your installation situation.

Upon request, you will receive our locks in combination with the outer fitting of your choice and a wireless remote control. We offer this option in variants with 12 or 24 volts. Accessories such as locking pins, deflectors, plastic covers and – in the extended configuration – round or rectangular tubes are also available at any time.