Know how to open the world

DLP’s high-precision locking systems are designed for off-highway use in every respect. Toughest of demands, sometimes under extreme environmental and climatic conditions — we are very familiar with the challenges facing the commercial vehicle industry. We assist the industry with innovative locking solutions in the construction machinery, forklift truck, tractor and industrial and special vehicle sectors.

Designed for off-highway use, all DLP locking systems meet the highest demands in terms of functionality, flexibility, load, service life, design, handling, and splash and dust protection. The basis for this is our “Made in Germany” production. In order to be able to ensure the high DLP-typical quality standard at all times, we manufacture almost all components for our locks, exterior fittings and electronic locking systems ourselves. Thanks to the high in-house production rate of 85% we have minimum influence in the quality of our products or adapt them to the wishes of our partners in the off-highway sector. The result is high-quality locking systems for use in construction machinery and forklifts, agricultural vehicles and tractors, cranes and more, which are guaranteed ready when it matters: Always.

DLP drives full commitment for the leading commercial vehicle manufacturers. With almost 160 years of experience and consistent commitment, we support you from the planning to the implementation of your projects. And that‘s worldwide. In addition to our headquarters in Germany we are, with the founding of D. La Porte N.A. LLC. in the US and D. La Porte Asia Ltd in China, international. Together with our subsidiaries, we are a strong alliance with a common core: Know how to open the world.

Inform yourself comprehensively about the added value of our locking systems. These include the One Key System from DLP, locking systems with remote control, Keyless Entry, Keyless Go etc.
For a large part of the DLP product portfolio, there are numerous product variants so that you can directly access many existing standard solutions for a wide variety of applications. If you need an individual solution, we will develop and manufacture a product for you that will match your requirements and your installation situation. We look forward to receiving your inquiries.

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DLP International


Being close to our customers also means being there where you are. In addition to our main plant in Germany, we founded a subsidiary in the USA at the beginning of 2009: D. La Porte N.A. LLC.

DLP referenzen


As an innovative partner to the commercial vehicle industry, DLP has a good reputation worldwide. There are several reasons for this. With almost 160 years of experience and a consistent commitment to our customers, we face the challenges of every new project.

DLP Halle


For nearly 160 years DLP has been manufacturing high-precision locks and fittings. In the 1930s, the aspiring company increasingly focused on the automotive industry and supported for example the VW Beetle with the development of new concepts for door handles and window locks.